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Articles / MobileMonday Shanghai Partner Event: Ubifrance's Greater China French Tech Tour 2013

A unique glance into French Innovation

Ubifrance (the French Agency for International Business Development, under the aegis of France’s Ministry for the Economy, Finance & Industry) present a special networking event to our MobileMonday Shanghai members on Nov 6th 2013“A unique glance into French Innovation”.

On the occasion of the 2013 Greater China French Tech Tour organized by Ubifrance, we will invite 15 French high tech companies in the ICT industry to meet potential Chinese partners and to investigate the Chinese market. They will showcase their innovation and technologies at the event. Because of its competitive nature, the French Tech Tour is primarily oriented towards companies that have either a proven market in France or a particularly disruptive technology. For MobileMonday Shanghai members, this joint event will allow a unique glance into the state of French innovation; understand their business needs in China, as well as targeting international collaboration opportunities.

Registration by e-mail to Leila.fawal@ubifrance.fr
Contact person Leila: (021) 6135 2016 / limited to the first 100 registered guests. Event is free but registration mandatory.

2013年11月6日,法国驻华使馆商务处UBIFRANCE同推出特别活动“中法科技企业科技交流 —— 法国创新之独特一瞥”

UBIFRANCE特别邀请15家法国ICT领域的高科技企业来华进行为期一周的French Tech Tour访问活动。MobileMonday Shanghai借此机会邀请Momo成员参与本次活动,与法国企业面对面交流。届时这15家法国企业也将展示自己的创新技术和业务。

本次活动将为大家提供近距离了解法国ICT领域技术创新、展开中法企业交流与合作的机会。French Tech Tour活动本着竞争原则,仅邀请在法国市场有成功表现、或者在某一领域有着突破性技术的企业参加。他们在华访问期间,期待同中国ICT领域的杰出企业展 开交流与合作。

注册请发邮件至 Leila.fawal@ubifrance.fr
联系电话:Leila: (021) 6135 2016

Agenda日程安排:18:30 – 22:30

- Live demos of innovative solution创新解决方案现场演示
- Networking & cocktail 会面交流,鸡尾酒会
- Local and international ITC community & media presence国内外ICT领域企业及媒体出席
- Senior management level attendees高级管理级别与会者
- Press coverage 新闻报道
- VCs and business angels 投资者及商务人士

French Guest Companies:

• Metaboli 电子游戏经销平台
CATOPSYS 虚拟现实、模拟声音及触觉拟真
• ClariLog IT服务管理软件开发商
• 55 大数据处理
• Linkbynet 云端服务及电子商务
• Questel 软件服务供应商
SOKRATE 数码解决方案设计和集成
SSL Europa 安全领域专家
• Wimi 文件共享及项目管理
DSIA 供应链技术解决方案
SIVEO 云设置及管理软件
• MobPartner 全球移动业绩网络
• Eugen Systems 高端即时战略游戏的开发

Address / 地址:

Le Royal Meridien Hotel, Shanghai, Ballroom No.3
789 Nanjing East Road, (close to people square)

UBIFRANCE 法国驻华使馆商务处

Since attendance is limited to 100 participants due to the size of the venue, we recommend you to register early. Door opens at 18:30 and the event starts at 19:00pm. We look forward to meeting you on the Nov 6th! 由于会场规模有限,至多只能容纳100位来访者。我们建议您尽早注册。会场将于下午18:30点开放,活动将在下午7:00准时开始。期待您的光临!

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